Our prices start from:

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Our prices start from:

1- Small Size 22JD for one day, 20JD. for 15 days, 18JD. for one month.

2- Medium size 25JD. for one day, 23JD. for15 days, 22JD. for one month.

3- Big size 30JD. for one day, 27JD. for 15 days, 25JD. for one month.

4- XL  size 35JD. for one day, 33JD. for 15 days, 30JD. for one month.

5- JEEP size 40JD. for one day, 37JD for15 days, 35JD. for one month.

Note: the Prices are inclusive of tax.👍

 Please book in advance.